Low Carb Eating Plan Is it Great to Everyone

Low Carb Eating Plan Is it Great to Everyone

Fitness is the new generations’ Mool mantra, and so exercising and dieting becomes a solution to them. Dieting means a low carb diet as well, but as we all know that carbohydrates provide us with the energy to carry the basic work of life and carbs only add up to the most calories in the diet. But the excess of carbs is also unhealthy and soo is the lack of carbs. Cutting down carbs from the diet is not a beneficial thing for everyone it creates a problems for the few.

Low carb diets have become so popular across the globe because more and more people are trying to just follow the trend which promises them quick weight loss.

This young generation is crazy about losing weight and knows that the best way to lose weight is to follow the diet trend and do the dieting irrespective of the fact that how healthy or unhealthy it can be for them. All teenagers are influenced by celebrities and Instagram influencers. But the celebrities have dietitians and teenagers with half knowledge tend to follow them blindly without even knowing its benefits. Due to the increasing rate of people who dieting, the graph of eating disorders is also going up day by day. Although it is true that processed carbohydrates are completely unhealthy and should be avoided, good quality carbohydrates are essential for the body to make it healthy.

Good carbohydrates if consumed are very healthy for the human body. They are absorbed from high fibre fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Good quality carbohydrates are good for losing weight. Yes, that is true but this might shock a lot of people. If good carbs are consumed, more energy will be retained which will help in promoting the body in doing high-level workouts for maintaining health and fitness. It also keeps the blood pressure and blood sugar levels in control. These days the ketogenic diet is getting a lot of attention. A ketogenic diet means to eat only a high protein and fats diet and a very low carb diet but this can lead to adverse effects on the body in the long term.

Let us understand that what are the side effects of a low carb diet:

1. Sluggishness And Fatigue:

carbohydrates are the main sources of fuel for the body. What the body does is burn carbohydrates to make energy. So, just think about what will happen and how will the body make energy if a person is low on carbohydrates. Then you might experience laziness, sluggishness, won't feel like doing things that burn a lot of energy and would not even have enough energy to carry the basic tasks of life. Headaches and weakness are two major side effects of the low carb diet. Frequent headaches are a signal of the fact that the body is running a really low level of carbohydrates.

2. Constipation:

Healthy carbohydrates in the form of fibre play a vital role in digestive health. This is because fibre that is digested slower than other nutrients acts as food for the healthy bacteria in the gut and in its absence the gut flora is imbalanced. How bad you feel when you do not get fresh in the morning itself, the morning routine faces some problems. Here we are referring to the problem of constipation which is the worst side effect of the low carbohydrates diet. The bowel movement tends to get disturbed due to very low carbohydrates in the diet. Good quality carbs are a source of soluble and insoluble fibre which promotes bowel movement. Some side effects also include bloating and even diarrhoea.

3. Frequent Hunger Pangs:

Low-carbohydrate diet leads to the increment of hunger pangs, as carbs are the most fulfilling nutrients in your meals. This is because they are digested slower than other nutrients and hence, keep your blood sugar levels under check. People have gone so mad on missing the meals due to dieting and especially deleting the carbohydrates from their meals that they only cheat on their health.

4. Mood Swings:

A hungry brain also easily tends to get annoyed. People who have low levels of -carbohydrates in their diets have reported feeling irritated more frequently and even experienced anxiety and mood swings. This happens due to the deficiency of glucose in your body. Decreased motivation and depressive mood is another potent side-effect of following a low-carb diet.

5. Increased Risk Of Diabetes:

Low levels of carbohydrates in the diet often leads to diabetes. Deleting carbs from the diet is welcoming the risk of Type-2 diabetes. Several studies have proven that carbs if completely missed or brought down to extremely low levels are extremely unhealthy.

Finally, this can be concluded that inappropriate consumption, be it excess or lack of carbohydrates, is not healthy. Daily meals should include carbohydrates and that should be in the appropriate quantities. Neither excessive nor lack of carbohydrates is not a suitable thing for the health of the body.
The best pathway to maintain a healthy weight is to follow these two things:
Have a carb-rich diet
And a low-carb diet

Also, with this research, look for only good quality products. Look for the food options you are purchasing, check for the quality of food. And choose good quality carbohydrates instead of bad quality carbohydrates. Lastly, get yourself checked by the nutritionist if you are consuming an accurate quantity of carbohydrates or not. You are intaking high quantities of carbohydrates or low. Then as per the results get your diet rectified. Stay Healthy!


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