8 Effective Home Remedies for Hair Loss in Monsoon

8 Effective Home Remedies for Hair Loss in Monsoon

For men or women, hair is something that everyone finds as a symbol of beauty. Everyone wants lustrous hair and healthy hair. Losing hair is something most of the population keeps fretting about especially women. Hair is considered as the accessory of the human body, having healthy hair brings different confidence in humans. If we ask women about what kind of hairstyle they prefer, the list just goes on and on. And men? They are also too possessive about their hair.

But in the end, it’s a part of the human body that needs care too. Which needs us to eat a healthy diet for them to stay in a good condition.

Everyone believes that hair fall is something that should not happen to them in any part of the year. As they are the natural thing, they fall and they grow.

And once monsoon season arrives, hair fall becomes an even more common problem. But what is the reason behind this? Why does hair fall increase for this particular reason? The reason behind this is that the humidity caused by the monsoons makes the hair dry as well as brittle which leads to hair fall. There are so many environmental pollutants present in the air which weakens the scalp.

Nevertheless, where there are problems there are solutions too.

And when solutions are found in the home itself then problems do not even look like an issue too. The first and foremost solution is:

  1. Moisturise your scalp with oil massages
  2. Make the scalp and hair stronger with a nutritious diet.

Now just sit and sip your favourite masala tea while enjoying the monsoon and bid adieu to hair fall in this season with these six home remedies:


Cleaning and staying hygienic keeps all the problems away from the human body. The harsh chemicals can harm the scalp and hair so it becomes important to choose mild shampoo. Use a mild shampoo and gently wash the hair regularly. Once or twice a week would work, more than that can also dry up the hair and worsen the condition in the monsoon. Make sure that the shampoo contains some natural elements as well. Plants like aloe vera and hibiscus are healthy for hair. Hibiscus helps in the regrowth of the hair from the dormant follicles. The beautiful flower also prevents greying of hair because of its antioxidants and vitamins. Aloe vera is another hair growth booster.


Monsoon rejuvenates the whole earth, plants, trees, rivers, etc but makes our hair dry and frizzy. This makes the moisturising of the scalp important and that is possible by oiling of the scalp. The basic easily available coconut is really good to treat the dryness of hair and another good option is castor oil. Both the oils are packed with antifungal and anti-bacterial properties which smoothens the scalp and hair. The best way to use the oil is to slightly warm the oil before using it. Applying hot oil gives better results.


Fenugreek seeds also known as “methi” are found to be the appropriate solution for the problems like hair loss and dandruff. Fenugreek seeds carry an acid in them named nicotinic acid which helps to prevent:

  1. Baldness
  2. Thinning if Hair

Fenugreek seeds can be used by making a pack of them, first, soak the seeds overnight, then grind them to make a paste of it. Apply the fenugreek hair special pack on the scalp once every week. This will help you a lot in preventing hair fall in monsoon season.


Onion is known for containing a rich amount of minerals which also helps in minimizing the breakage in hair. It also prevents thinning of hair. All we need to do is take an onion from the treasure of the house - kitchen, then extract the juice by grinding it in the mixer grinder. Apply the juice to the scalp. This will add volume, make them shine and help them regrow better. Onion juice is a magical potion that contains antioxidants, making the scalp and hair free from infections.


All the nutrients shall be taken in equal and adequate amounts as all of them play a vital role in the growth of hair. Hence, a plate full of all the nutrients in every meal becomes equally important. For such a healthy meal make sure that there is enough protein, minerals and foods rich in calcium.

Aim for spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc which are rich in beta- carotene which helps in hair growth.


During monsoon keep a check on your hair that they are always dry. There are chances of environmental pollutants getting stuck to the hair and scalp causing infections as the hair is wet. Keep the hair dry and before combing or tieing the hair make sure that the hair is dry so that the strands do not break.

Monsoons are only to be enjoyed with the favourite book and coffee. Worrying about hair fall is not an appropriate task to do during the rainy season. Relieve yourselves from stress and daily anxiety to let your hair grow properly. Even stress is known to cause hair fall. Let yourself be free and enjoy life and your hair and health will automatically stay healthy. But still, if you notice heavy hair fall then do not miss consulting the doctor and getting a solution.

This monsoon has happy hair, not hair fall!


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