5 Best Foods for Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

5 Best Foods for Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Often the change in season, the commencement of the rainy or even winter season is completely associated with some common symptoms of cold and flu. It’s even said that these seasons are “seasons of cold and flu”.

The chances of getting infected and suffering from cold and flu are higher.

So, what is the common cold?

Common usually includes the following:

  1. chest cold
  2. head cold, and
  3. The seasonal flu is caused by viruses.

There are basic medications that can help prevent the symptoms. Such symptoms include:

  1. Sore Throat
  2. Runny Nose
  3. Congestion
  4. Cough

The symptoms of flu are also somewhere the same but that includes the following:

  1. Fever
  2. Muscle Soreness and
  3. Headache

The most suggested solution to the common cold and flu is to get a flu shot which means a vaccine against flu. Following the hygienic etiquettes like washing hands regularly and now in the times of covid when the chances of catching any infection are even higher than following the corona preventive behaviour like:

  1. Wearing a mask
  2. Using sanitiser
  3. Washing hands regularly or more often

But most importantly, what helps the body to avoid infections is to boost immunity. And our wonder kitchen provides some magical food options which boost immunity to 100 percent.

Let’s learn about them and fight the viruses and avoid the common cold and flu:

  1. Ginger tea

    For us Indians, tea is the final solution to every stress or anxiety. Be it a headache or kick starting the day all we need is one cup of tea. With this, we need to accept that beverages are not that healthy too. But when the point is about treating the common cold and flu then ginger tea is the soldier which comes to rescue. Ginger is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties which are too powerful to fight cold and flu. Anti- Inflammatory ginger helps in boosting immunity so why not take up a cup of tea but the ginger one or our special “adrak chai”.

  2. Oranges

    Oranges are a beautiful colour and even beautiful fruit with so many great uses for the body. Oranges are like small balls packed with loads of Vitamin C and we all are well aware of how strongly vitamin c fights with all the viruses and enemies of our body. Vitamin C is key to prevent the common cold and also help in lowering down the severity of the cold.

  3. Water

    Well, water is a blessing on the earth. Of course not in extra quantities but be it rain for the trees and plants or drinking water for the living organisms, water hydrates and rejuvenates it all. It is always recommended to intake at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. When a person catches a common cold, staying hydrated can help a person get rid of mucus easily. Also, drinking enough water helps the body get rid of toxins which mean stronger immunity and lesser chances of catching the flu. Also, remember when you are sick, the more your drink fluids the better you get.

  4. Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are another fruit consisting of great quantities of Vitamin C. It is known that a little tomato is also expected to contain at least 16 milligrams of Vitamin C which is enough to fuel up the immunity of the body.

    Studies have shown that vitamin C plays a vital role in strengthening the body’s immune system by giving strength to phagocytes and t cells which are the two major components of the immune system.

    Researches have shown that a lack of vitamin C in the body can weaken the immune system causing illness.

  5. Eggs

    Eggs too are beneficial. They are packed with a high concentration of immunity-boosting nutrients. Eggs, especially yolks, are little wonder packs of immunity-boosting nutrients. They contain a really good amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to be a vital element for regulating and strengthening immunity. Also, some studies prove that people whose intake of Vitamin D is quite frequent are less likely to catch a cold or flu.

  6. Garlic

    The beautiful white pearl-like garlic is easily found in our Indian kitchens as we often use it as a spice in our foods. Garlic is very well known to be the best cure for cold and related health problems. Garlic is hot and helps the body to prevent the symptoms.

  7. Apples

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, the saying is not a lie, we Indians believe that our skin should glow as red as an apple but have you ever thought about why the apple is considered so important for health? The story behind the same is that apples are full of antioxidants which helps in boosting immunity and also cleansing the body from within.

    In the end, we can simply say that boosting immunity is child’s play as all the boosters are already present in our kitchens. Then why are you still sitting? Go, get up and take one booster and keep the cold and flu at bay.


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