Stay Active At Any Age

Stay Active at Any Age


Senior Citizen - a tag nobody craves for but the older you get the more the body weakens more complications arise in the health. Being elderly mostly becomes the toughest phase of life. The weakening of bodies makes it difficult for people to carry out their daily work. Hence, at times elderly people also lose hope for living a better and a good life. But what can be done to avoid this helplessness? What is the answer to staying active at a senior age? Is it even possible?

A lot of doctors have been recommending a lot of activities and changes in the lifestyle which can make the living easier and can help the senior citizens stay active at their age as well. Life should only be lived actively, so some alteration in the lifestyle can help achieve the goal of staying active at any age.

Here are some solutions discussed in depth:


As the kids grow older and become mature, people get rid of their lof duties towards them. After they are grown the parental duties retire. The reason behind the same is that the body loses strength and stamina because of the decrease in movement. Research even says that after 75 people tend to be involved in any kind of physical activity for only a few minutes a day. Then lack of movement causes issues.

The new pop culture often focuses on exercise as a weight-loss tool, but this fact is ignored that exercises are not just for weight loss but to keep the body in active movement and activities for doing all the daily routine tasks at any age. Hence, exercises are necessary at every age. Because our body is our first home and we don’t care for this home then definitely it will deteriorate and lead to a lot of problems and that will be disturbing for us only. Overall, wellness should be planned for a lifetime not just for the young age to look slimmer or muscular. Including basic yoga, meditation and exercises in the daily routine keep all the gears in the working mode else it takes no time for the body parts to get out of order.

It is considered that ideally, seniors should engage in at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity per day and perform strength training exercises two or three times per week. Nevertheless, if this feels hectic and you are incapable of practicing then instead of ignoring it permanently, regularly only 10 to 15 minutes in a day can be devoted to some light exercises. Fitness should be considered as the routine of life, not a competition for looking better than someone else. We should only compete for ourselves to look better than our previous versions.

For seniors, regular exercise offers benefits such as:

  1. Preventing loss of muscle mass
  2. Increasing flexibility
  3. Releasing endorphins(Stress Hormones)
  4. Improving mental function
  5. Reducing the risk of serious health problems


Walking is known as that daily easy routine that can help anyone from any age give a kick start to their physical activity. Including walking is such a boon for the fitness of elderly people. And it's been observed that a lot of them already enjoy basic walking, gardening and doing minor tasks in the backyards. Hence, walking is the best way to maintain mobility at that age.

The benefits of walking are diverse. It helps the citizens be calm by spending more time outdoors and then walking in the garden uplifts mood, helps in maintaining healthy body weight, helps in maintaining the coordination in body bones and muscles.

At times, elder people are not able to walk properly. Due to a long term loss in mobility. And in such a case seniors can start using a cane or walker. Walking with walking aids is better than not walking at all.


Senior citizens prefer to sit and not move much. But sitting for long hours without any movements binds the joints and creates more problems for them. For the same experts suggest some exercises can be done while just sitting on the chair. Such exercises are known as Chair Exercises. For example, while sitting on a chair one can involve inside bends. This helps in stretching while just sitting and watching their favourite television show or prime time news.


Yoga and meditation are our lands’ gifts to health and fitness all over the world. There is a common saying which says, “Yoga is hi Hoga” which means that Yoga is the key solution to any kind of health and that’s the problem.

It is believed that be it physical issues in the body or mental, yoga is the real solution to all of it. There are a lot of yoga postures and even pranayam which benefits different body parts and helps in maintaining them. Surya Namaskar also known as Sun Salutation, is a set of yoga postures that are supposed to be done early in the morning to greet the sun for the gift of life. Also, it consists of all the major asanas which can keep the body away from diseases. And is suggested for the senior citizens. And the fact is, you don’t need to be exceptionally thin, flexible or young to enjoy yoga. Everyone, regardless of their fitness level, can participate in this activity.

Some of the major benefits that yoga provides are:

  1. RISK OF FALLING: Senior citizens tend to lose balance in their bodies. Hence, Yoga poses help to develop a better sense of balance, which reduces the risk of falls that can cause serious injuries in older adults. This helps the people to avoid minor or any major accidents and gain back the confidence of walking.
  2. HYPERTENSION: Yoga is the treatment for hypertension as well in senior citizens. Hypertension becomes one common and major issue in senior citizens. And yoga offers a good treat to reduce stress and stay relaxed and calm.
  3. BONES STRENGTHENING: Often women after their menopause suffer from lower bone density. And as they touch even elderly ages it becomes an even more serious issue. The special weight-bearing yoga poses can help slow the bone thinning that occurs with age.
  4. JOINTS SAFETY: Practicing yoga daily provides the lubrication of joints helping in mobility. This even helps in the reduction of joint pain and minimizes more problems oriented with it.

Now, there is one more important benefit of practising yoga. Yoga poses and practice can be adjusted according to the ability of the senior citizens. For example, the plank pose traditionally looks like the “up” portion of a push-up. Now if you observe that it is difficult for you to get into that pose then knees can be kept on the floor and some chairs or blocks can also be used.


Just like the body, mental health is also necessary. If there are chances for the body to get dull then the same happens with the brain too. And due to decreasing strength, and not being able to get into regular activities it stresses out people and then that can result in various mental issues as well. People might even suffer anxiety or even depression but there are some exercises or activities that can help to get the activeness back in the senior age.

  1. Adult colouring books
  2. Solving puzzles
  3. Gardening
  4. Woodworking

The above mentioned are a few of those activities which can help the senior citizens get back their mobility and work as a tool of calmness for them.


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