12 Ways Towards Detoxification

12 Ways Towards Detoxification

In today’s life, we go around eating, drinking a lot of stuff and most of the time this happen to us without giving a second thought. Oh! that chole bhature looks yummy just 1 plate! Oh how about a burger, why not double patty burger? How about a drink today just one, it won’t harm right? and the list goes on it is not just limited to food or drinks. This is due to our stressful lives, we find ways to release stress and food is a big one. Eating or drinking or watching what you like can improve your mood. There are various things we can do to detox our bodies. Here are some ways how you can get a full body detox!

1. When life gives you lemons you make a glass of lemon water

The intake of toxins and chemicals is so high that it takes time to be absorbed by the body. So, even before breakfast, begin your morning with a glass of lemon water. This single glass provides the body the magic and flushes out all the toxins. You may also add a few gingers to the drink if you like, to assist with digestion.

2. Think positive

Detoxing your body doesn’t only mean the physical aspects of the body it also means kicking out all the negative thoughts in your mind. It improves detoxification by removing negative emotions and replacing them with positive ones. Positive thinking will improve the whole perspective on life, try methods of relaxation such as deep breathing and meditation. “Daily meditation helps you concentrate, think more clearly, and increase energy.

3. Hit the green tea button

Green tea, is full of antioxidants. The battle against nearly every disease under the sun has been related to green tea.” Get its benefits by drinking just 2.5 cups a day”

4. Focus on sleep

To help the health and natural detoxification mechanism of your body, ensuring sufficient and good quality sleep every night is a must. Sleeping helps the brain to reorganize and recharge itself and to eliminate harmful by-products of waste that have accumulated during the day.

5. Getting your drinks right

So much more than quenching the thirst, it does. It helps eliminate waste materials, controls your body temperature, lubricates joints, helps digestion and nutrient absorption, and detoxifies your body. To function optimally and break down nutrients for your body to use as energy, your body’s cells must be constantly repaired.

6. Break some sweat

When you exercise, toxins are expelled from your lungs when you breathe and from your skin when you sweat. Plus, getting moving will help you feel happier, more energized, and control your weight. There is some special relaxation in that feeling of getting exhausted, the body feels a different kind of content.

7. Say no to caffeine

For many people, this is a difficult one, but at least slip the caffeine drinks away and substitute it with some green teas, lime tea, or ginger tea, which is probably a great option. Caffeinated beverages can impair your digestion and your body can add more toxins. It is always better to opt for green tea, which apart from cleansing your body promotes weight loss and boosts up your metabolic rate.

8. Limit alcohol

By causing fat accumulation, inflammation, and scarring, heavy drinking can seriously damage your liver function. As this occurs, the liver will not work properly and perform the required functions, like removing the body’s waste and other contaminants. As such, restricting or fully abstaining from alcohol is one of the best ways to maintain the detoxification system in your body going high.

9. Nuts and seeds

Much on to some dry fruits and nuts always when on a detox diet or a healthy diet. Nuts like almonds contain rich fiber content which suffices the detoxification process of your body. Grab on some nuts whenever you have the craving to eat something.

10. Add some probiotics

Probiotics are an important fibre that is required by the good bacteria in your gut. Your stomach becomes unbalanced with good and poor bacteria from the overuse of antibiotics, dental products, and many other cosmetics. This affects and weakens the detoxification mechanism of your body. Products such as Greek yogurts or kefirs represent the form of detoxification. Tomatoes, oats, banana, garlic are some of the probiotic supplements.

11. Yoga

Managing stress is important to detoxify your body and mind. Along with your detox diet and strenuous exercise, practice the calming art of yoga. It is interesting that yoga poses like gas releasing poses and planks, helps in improving the digestive process which in turn helps in weight loss too. Yoga poses like sun salutation calms up our body and mind releasing the stress hormones and producing happy hormones.

12. Breakfast

Just after having this detox drink, it is absolutely important to have a proper breakfast. Not oily or packaged foods. But some healthy soups or smoothies keep you full and restrict the cravings. Oatmeal with some almonds or smoothies would be a good way to start your detox weeks.

We all have a lot of stress in our lives and we are constantly working and finding ways to cope up with them. We eat, we drink, we snack, and take in many toxins, we need to take a step towards a healthy life and with these 12 simple ways. The earlier we adapt, the quicker our body responds, so how about picking up a nice hot cup of green tea right away and get with the detoxing.




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