Why pay more when you can save up to 90%

Why pay more when you can save up to 90%


Why pay more when you can save up to 90%?

by StayHappi April 9, 2021


On average, an Indian spends Rs. 1600 annually over healthcare. Approximately 5.5% is the total spent by an average Indian out of his income on medicines and other health formalities every year. These days the medicinal cost is rising every year, and thus health insurance and other such health protection equipment for families and individuals have come into existence. Therefore, more and more people are looking for other means to reduce their health expenditure. Online pharmacies are one of the best modes of reducing money on medical bills. It will help you save money on medicinal costs and is thus highly recommended in today’s time.

What are Generic Medicines ?

Generic meds are identical to branded drugs in terms of dosage, active ingredients, strength, administration route, quality, performance, and features. These meds are at least 30-50% affordable as compared to the branded ones. The makers of generic meds save cost in marketing, research, R & D, testing, approvals, and a lot more. But generic drugs also have to undergo similar approvals in terms of FDA certification and quality testing.

If you are looking for how to save money on medical bills , nothing works better than generic meds over the branded ones. You can buy generic meds from none other than Stayhappi. Stayhappi is a digital revolution in the medicinal world. It stocks a wide variety of generic meds for almost all diseases, and with this website, you can also book a doctor consultation and get medicines delivered to your doorstep.

Stayhappi – 365 Days of Discount

Stayhappi is your guarantee to get medicines at a much-reduced cost. With this application, you can avail of discounts for 365 days. This app enables you to reduce your medicinal costs without much effort.

Just order from the Stayhappi app and get the medicines delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy the best of health like never before.

Stayhappi – Savings Calculator

Stayhappi has one of the most striking features of a savings calculator. This calculator enables you to compare the prices of the medicines before you buy them.
Once you have uploaded the prescription, you will be suggested a generic medicine that is an alternative to every branded medicine. It will also indicate the amount of money you are saving with every generic medicine.

Switch to Stayhappi today

Now, what are you waiting for? This generic medicine pharmacy your solution to sustainable health at a much-reduced cost. Stayhappi also has products in the category of elderly care, baby care, and a lot more. It is one of the best websites offering ayurvedic, generic, and homoeopathic medicines. What you need to do is just download the app and start uploading your prescriptions. Stayhappi app allows you to save even more than 90% on your medical bills. The app has also opened its franchise in different metro and tier 2 cities.


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