Don't Stop your BP Medicines Without Consent

Don't Stop your BP Medicines Without Consent


Why should you not stop your BP medicines without consent?

by StayHappi April 26, 2021


If left undetected or uncontrolled, high blood pressure can cause heart attack, stroke, kidney diseases, heart failure, loss of vision, angina, sexual dysfunction, and many more health conditions. The frequency or criticalness of any health condition due to high blood pressure depends on how high it is or how long you survive it. You should not take any symptoms of high blood pressure casually and immediately meet a doctor. If you have been prescribed any medicine for high blood pressure, keep taking it the way your doctor has suggested. Stopping the consumption of high blood pressure tablets without your doctor’s consent can be harmful to you.

3 top reasons why you should not stop the BP medication without a doctor’s consultation?

It can lead to a significant spike in your BP level-

If you stop taking high BP medicines without knowing your doctor, it may be possible that your BP level may rise to an alarming level. You can be a victim of a sudden stroke or heart attack or brain haemorrhage at this point of high blood pressure. This can be death-causing too. That is why; it would be in your best interest to take your doctor’s consent before stopping any BP medication. After all, your doctor must have given you the best blood pressure medicine.

For pregnant women, the risk can be more significant

Pregnancy allows you to become a mother, one of the nicest experiences in every woman’s lifetime. You would certainly not like to take any risk. In pregnancy, high blood pressure is a common health condition. Doctors prescribe medicines to keep the blood pressure in control for safe delivery. If you don’t tell your doctor about stopping the BP medication, not only the risk would be more significant, but also your doctor may not be able to control it even though she knows it later. You or your to be the child can be at risk and can lose a life. So, you say everything to your doctor before stopping any BP medication during pregnancy.

If you are diabetic and old age both, risk can be life-taking

Changes in blood sugar can come about in people having diabetes taking diuretics or beta-blocker for high blood pressure. Diuretics, also known as water pills, are the standard medicine for treating high blood pressure as they help get rid of your body salt (sodium), one of the common causes of high BP and water. Most of the pills let your kidneys release more sodium into the urine. Assessing these circumstances, ignoring your doctor’s consent before stopping the high blood pressure medicine would be dangerous. It would be a wise decision never to keep your life in danger.

If your doctor has suggested any medicine for high blood pressure, be it any health condition, always take the prescribed drug. Also, always take the consent of your doctor before stopping it. Since high blood pressure medicines are regular doses, save big on your monthly medicine bills with StayHappi. Along with these medicines, keep taking fruits and vegetables in your food.


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