Diet Changes After Getting COVID-19

Diet Changes After Getting COVID-19

Covid is not restricted to just 14 days of having a virus in the body or one time fever or two weeks of quarantine. The deadly virus if once affects the body it takes a lot of time to heal from it. The virus dies but the repercussions of the disease stay for a long time, it takes time for the body to heal completely. So, it becomes necessary for the person who suffered to have a good and healthy change in diet after the get over with covid.

Following are the steps one needs to take for a better healing and getting healthier :


While the internal army of the body fights with the virus or the disease, a lot of energy is used as the fuel of that army. This makes us feel drained and exhausted which in turn makes it tough for us to do the daily routine work. Now as you can see there is a lack of energy, which means more energy is needed. This means that more calories should be added in the diet so that enough energy is reached in the body and then you can do the daily required work. Some examples of food which increase the calories consumed and energise you are:

  1. Potato
  2. Sweet potato


Now the reason for intake of protein is important because it helps in cell growth as well as regeneration. It is like a brick to the building of the body and protein is required by the body for faster and better recovery. People who suffer from Covid-19 are suggested to increase the intake of protein in diet. It is suggested to intake 75 to 100 gms of protein every day for an individual. Now what are the options? People who prefer a vegetarian diet can go for chickpeas, peas, lentils etc. People who can prefer a non-vegetarian diet can prefer fish, meat, chicken. And the milk and milk products are the options which are high in protein content milk and milk products, soy, nuts, etc


Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best examples of high content vitamins and minerals. These food items are beneficial for:

  1. Immune Boosting
  2. Acts as Antioxidants

Again these are the best nutrients to strengthen the bodies and the army that is immune system. Also this helps in faster recovery. How you can actually focus on eating a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals is by aiming to eat 5 portions of fruits and 5 portions of vegetables in a day.

In terms of colours of fruits and veggies it can easily be identified what helps in what:

  1. Yellow/Orange: Often citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C, which helps the antibodies to fight with full power and in a better way.
  2. Greens: All the green vegetables help in boosting up the immunity.

Sunlight, A clear indication is always given that spending some good time under the sun provides a sufficient amount of Vitamin-D.


Snacks are some little meals which help to eradicate instant hunger. We usually munch on unhealthy, oily and super spicy foods. Basically all those food items which do not add up to much on our body’s nutritional levels. Therefore, following are suh options which can be taken as snacks and also makes them some healthy meals.

Such healthy snack options are as follows :

  1. A bowl of salad
  2. Low-fat curd at room temperature
  3. Figs and dates
  4. A spoonful of pumpkin seeds
  5. Chia Seeds or
  6. Flax seeds,
  7. Boiled peanuts or chickpeas
  8. Fistful of nuts (almonds, walnuts)
  9. Seasonal Fruits with sprinkled salts


Hydration is the most necessary thing in the whole diet and that helps the body to heal better. Some really important drinks which can be added in the diet are: Enough water that means 8 to 10 glasses of water in one day, a sweet or salty lassi, coconut water, butter milk with a pinch of cumin and mint, and fresh juice with seasonal fruits. Now in fruit juice what should be avoided is sugar. And lastly, bael ka sharbat which is really high in fibre content. Next, the people who can eat non veg can also try Chicken or vegetable broth soup.


Immunity is not boosted by just eating some pills, one can make a variety of health drinks at home in no time. This will help in increasing the levels of haemoglobin in the blood. The one drink which is highly suggested by the nutritionist for increasing the immunity of the body is prepared by blending one small amla, adding a half apple and a carrot, then putting a tomato of medium size and a quarter of beetroot as well. A half cup of pomegranate and crush it all in the mixer and then add water to the level which suits your taste.


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